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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Fall 2020 - Week 1: Makeover plans

I have been following the One Room Challenge since 2017 and have just...EEEEK... gathered up enough courage to join as a Guest Participant! The ORC is a 6 week challenge to makeover a room from start to finish while documenting the process with weekly posts. Every Wednesday 20 invited designers showoff their room progress and Guest Participants like myself join the excitement on Thursdays. Its just awesome to follow because the inspiration is sky high and the transformations are just unbelievable.

So I live in a rental and the Masterbathroom could use a makeover. It is GROSS- seriously I don't know what the developers were thinking. The bathroom is a series of Travertine tiles EVERYWHERE, ceiling high, on the floors, just everywhere. The vanity is falling apart - it doesn't show much in the photo but the MDF has a lot of water damage and inside the cabinet shelves are falling off and the compound maintenance added wood pieces for support.

Initially my plans was to paint and stencil the floor with a back and white modern print. The compound owners were not on board, they want to keep all villas uniform so that's not happening. Then I thought I would use stick on floor tiles - nope. The travertine is so rough that the floor stickers would not stick on. So I decided to embrace the natural earthy tonnes of travertine and take it up a notch. See my mood board bellow. I want to wallpaper the wall to wall mirror and stick on a smaller one on top. I would like to add a gorgeous shower curtain from Anthropolgie and few pieces of art.

The second space I would like to make over is the master bedroom balcony. I have 2 raised beds over there and I would like to add a cozy seating area to it and some greenery. The theme Im going for is Mediterranean with lots of blues and whites like the inspiration photo below (Pinterest).

And that's all I have folks. Be sure to follow the featured designers and guest participants for some serious inspiration!


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