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One Room Challenge - Week 2

Hey peeps I was so pumped for this One Room Challenge as I am planning to update the whole ground floor and that includes an entryway, 2 living rooms, a dinning room and an office! Not sure how much I can get done in 8 weeks but hoping I can tackle the list.

I'm not doing a design plan because every time I do one, I don't stick to it - or more correctly, I'm not swell at visualizing design haha! I know what works when I see things in real life - so yes I have like 5 extra rugs at home because I thought they would match SO WELL in our living room.

For the first week, I stripped wallpaper off of the walls in the entryway. If you want to strip wallpaper and you're hesitant. DONT BE -JUST DO IT! All you need is a garden sprayer full of warm water. Dont use the small kitchen sprayers as you'll end up going back and forth to fill it up - you need something with good holding capacity. Our held 2 liters.Spray (drench) the wall paper strip that you're tackling and leave for 3-5 minutes. Peel the bottom off and pull up to the ceiling. See video of my husband doing it below.If there any remains spray again with water and peel. The glue will still be on the walls so if you want to repaint the walls you need to use an oil based primer then paint OR sand the walls down then prime and paint.

Next week I would like to design and apply wall mouldings to the wall. This will not be a DIY project thankfully a company will come and install these.

For the weeks to come I plan to:

1) Paint the shoe cabinet black

2) DIY a bench

3) upholster a sofa

4) paint window casings black

5) DIY floating art frames

6) Figure out art

7) Styling items

Thats all folks - see you next week!


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