• Sara AM

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Week 2: fixing the nicknacks

During the past week I've been fixing the little things in the master bathroom and balcony. For the master bathroom, I've used a grout rejuvenator (a marker) to update the grout. I was not happy with this product - its hard to use and the tip gets damaged after 2 tiles, thats why I haven't linked the product. I also changed the silicone on the bath tub and the vanity. Oh and I've installed the new light fitting - it looks good! For the balcony I've fixed broken tiles and glued them back on with silicone and I've installed a trellis for a climber. Thats about it. For the coming week I plan to install wallpaper in the master bathroom, the shower curtain and its rod, put in the rug and install the mirror. I would also like to shop for a black faucet - I would love a black faucet! For the balcony, I plan to shop for a rug and an outdoor sofa.

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