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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Week 3: Halfway through!

Wow I always underestimate how long things take! However I did get a good chunk of tasks done for this week. If you're not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it's a 6 week challenge to makeover a room from start to finish while documenting the process with weekly posts. Every Wednesday 20 invited designers showoff their room progress and Guest Participants like myself join the excitement on Thursdays. Its just awesome to follow because the inspiration is sky high and the transformations are just unbelievable.

For the master bathroom, I installed Drop it Modern peel and stick wallpaper on the mirror. I somehow imagined that putting up peel and stick wallpaper would be easy - WRONG installing it to the mirror took 2.5 hours!! I under ordered so I was trying to match up strips and some areas don't look great. I also stuck the new mirror to the wallpaper using heavy duty velcro.

For the balcony, I'm still undecided about the rug. I would love to have a muted Kilim rug or a moroccan boucherouite. As for seating, my eyes were on IKEA's mastholmen seat but it's out of stock so I have to come up with another plan.

Until next week.


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