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This week on the One Room Challenge has been awesome! If you don’t know much about the ORC, it’s an event for people to finish a room in 6 weeks with weekly updates.

For the master bathroom, we cut out the centres of the vanity doors to insert cane instead. The cut is somewhat uneven so I hope it doesn’t show too much after the cane goes in. I also primed the vanity doors and will paint them tomorrow. Initially my plan was to go for a clay colour, since the wallpaper is clay. However since the wallpaper arrived a tad darker than I expected, I decided to whitewash it in order to mute the colour a bit but it just looked terrible! So the wallpaper is going down! I’m not sure how attractive it would be to stick mirror on mirror so I may even ditch the mirror I bought for the bathroom. With these changes I decided to go for a more boho look rather than an eclectic look.

for the balcony, I’m still missing IKEAs outdoor chair. I’ve sourced a couple of rugs locally from Home Centre. I’m still undecided on how much plants I’ll hang against the wall. That’s it for me. Good luck everyone!

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