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ONE ROOM CHALLENGE Week 6: Neutral Master Bathroom Reveal!!

Week 6 is finally here and I'm excited to share the master bathroom makeover with you! This bathroom has received so much love over the past 6 weeks, and I'm so happy with how it turned out.

If you're new to Sarashomehaven, it's a blog about making over our rental into a home. I joined the One Room Challenge (ORC) to help me finish my master bathroom and balcony in 6 weeks.

While folks on the ORC were ripping out walls and floors and going the whole nine yards, my landlord made it clear that I would have to reinstate anything I changed, so my strategy: DRESS IT UP!!! Layer, layer and layer...I might have overdone it!

If you forgot how it looked like before, lets take a trip down memory lane:

The only real changes were the light fixture and the vanity doors makeover. The original light fixture was very typical and too high above the mirror. I changed it to an inexpensive longer fixture (UBuy Qatar) with a more Boho vibe. In keeping with the boho vibe, I cut out rectangles in the vanity doors, painted them and added cane to the back with a staple gun. I also changed out door handles (IKEA). The whole vanity was in such bad shape, that maintenance added wood blocks to support it from falling down so I'm not re-instating that! I also added hooks in place of the towel rail near the bathtub. They're pretty and the Turkish towels cover the not so appealing tiles behind. I also moved half of my second floor plants to the bathtub and they are much happier there - hello humidity. The mirror spanned the whole bathroom wall and it looked somewhat outdated and unoriginal so I filled it with art and a rattan outline (from IKEA to mimic a mirror over the wash basin). I purchased the art as digital prints from ETSY for about (USD 5 each) and printed them with my home printer. Then I added a shower rod and curtain. Dont worry there's a plastic liner behind the pretty one! Finally a layered rug to cover the floor. The shower curtain has been great at keeping the rugs dry - so annoyed I didn't get one earlier!

My favourite quote by Charles Eames - "Details are not the details. They make the design." And I 100% agree with that so here are the bathroom details:

The clay pottery was purchased from a local nursery at great prices - I just love them! I REALLY enjoyed the ORC - thank you to the organizers and participants!



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